Preventive Health General Practice

Our team of dedicated general practitioners and nurses work together to offer a number of different services depending on your specific healthcare needs.

Women's Health

Cervical Screening Test (CST)

A CST is a quick and simple procedure available to all women aged 25-74 who have ever been sexually active. The test looks at the health of your cervix and can identify the presence of a Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) infection, which can cause changes to the cells of your cervix and, in rare cases, cervical cancer. All of our GPs are available to perform CSTs.

Implanon Insertion and Removal

The Implanon is a type of Long Acting and Reversible Contraceptive (LARC), a group of contraceptives growing in popularity due to their reliable nature and ease of use. Many of our GPs have experience in Implanon insertion and removal. Please let reception know when booking for this procedure and we can book you with the appropriate practitioner.

IUD Insertion and Removal

An Intra-Uterine Device (IUD) is another type of LARC growing in popularity. There are two different types of IUD – hormonal IUD (Mirena) and Copper IUD. Prior to insertion of an IUD, your will need to book a pre-insertion consultation with one of our GPs to discuss your general health and suitability for an IUD.  

Antenatal Care

The Antenatal Shared Care program allows your pregnancy to be managed collaboratively by your GP and your hospital-based service. A number of our GPs are registered to participate in the antenatal shared care program, providing excellent continuity of care before, during and after your pregnancy.

Pregnancy Planning

Considering starting or expanding your family? Our GPs are available to help you on your journey. Pregnancy planning may involve talking with your GP about any pre-existing health problems you or your partner may have, screening blood tests, immunisations and discussion of your health and lifestyle.
Children's Health

Newborn Check

Your antenatal care provider may recommend seeing your GP for a checkup as early as 5-10 days after birth and again when your baby is 6 weeks old. Please let reception know you are booking in for a newborn check so that we can create a new patient file for your child.

Childhood Vaccinations

Our GPs and nurses are available to help your child stay up-to-date with their vaccinations, following the National Immunisation Program Schedule. This is a great opportunity to ask any questions you may have about your child’s development. The childhood vaccination schedule typically involves vaccinations at 6 weeks, 4 months, 6 months, 12 months, 18 months and 4 years. Please let reception know you are booking you child in for vaccinations so that we can ensure there is enough time scheduled with both your GP and our nurse.


Liquid Nitrogen Therapy

We are pleased to offer Liquid Nitrogen Therapy, or Cryotherapy, at Montrose Medical Practice. This will be performed by your GP and one of our nurses in our dedicated treatment room. Cryotherapy can be used to remove abnormal skin tissue, including warts and sun spots.

Minor Surgery

Our GPs and nurses can also offer minor surgeries at Montrose Medical Practice in our dedicated treatment room. These include, but are not limited to, laceration repair and skin lesion removal.

Iron Infusions

Your GP may recommend an iron infusion if you are found to be iron deficient or suffer from iron deficiency anemia. The procedure is a safe and effective way of rapidly correcting your low iron stores and relieving your symptoms and is especially useful for patients who have trouble tolerating oral iron supplements. Iron infusions can be done on-site in our treatment room with the help of our practice nurse.

Ear Syringe

Ear syringing is a common method of removing a buildup of excess wax in the ear, which can cause uncomfortable symptoms such as earache, ringing in the ear and temporary hearing loss. Once your GP has examined your ear and confirmed your symptoms are due to a buildup of wax, our nurse will gently use a tool to insert water into the ear canal to flush out the wax.  
Other General Practice Services

Audiometry Hearing Assessment

At Montrose Medical Practice, we are able to offer audiometry assessment for both children and adults, using specialised equipment in our treatment room. If you have any concerns about your child’s hearing, please let your GP know as early assessment is vital to ensure they get the best opportunity to develop their language and communication skills.

Spirometry Lung Function Test

Spirometry is a lung function test that measures the flow and volume of air entering and leaving the lungs as you breathe. This test can be used to confirm a diagnosis of asthma or other chronic lung diseases. Our nurses are trained to perform spirometry testing, which will then be followed by a consultation with your GP who will interpret the results with you.


An ECG (electrocardiogram) is a test that can detect heart problems by measuring the electrical activity of the heart as it contracts to show whether it is working normally. An ECG can be done through our pathology service, Douglas Hanly Moir, with a referral from your GP, or we also have the ability to perform ECGs in our treatment room.

Skin Check

All our GPs are able to perform skin checks, especially if you have some areas of specific concern. Once your GP has performed the skin check and discussed your medical and family history with you, they may then refer you to a dermatologist for a more comprehensive skin evaluation.

Travel Vaccinations

We are pleased to offer travel vaccinations at Montrose Medical Practice. This typically begins with a consultation with your GP to discuss your travel plans and vaccination history and is then followed by vaccination with our nurse. We are an accredited yellow fever vaccination centre and keep a wide range of travel vaccinations in stock.

Pre-Employment or Insurance Medical

Our GPs are happy to help you with any pre-employment or insurance medicals that have been requested. Please bring any required forms along to your appointment and be sure to ask for a longer consultation. Please note that there is no Medicare rebate for these medical assessments.