Welcome to the online appointment system for Montrose Medical Practice. This system allows you to secure an appointment with your doctor whenever you have internet access. Appointments are available for 14 days in advance and you can make an appointment up until midnight of the day before your booking. Please have your mobile phone number ready so that the system can provide you with a confirmation code via an SMS text message.

The booking process is straightforward and simple with only 3 steps. However there are some rules to follow to make a more accurate and smooth appointment:

  • Online appointment is ONLY available to existing patients. Please contact us on 96606788 to make your first appointment during business hours. You will be able to make an online appointment the following month after your first visit.
  • Once your online appointment is confirmed, you will receive an SMS message including a confirmation code. Please keep the message until you visit us as you may have to use it to cancel/reschedule your appointment online if necessary.
  • 24hrs cancellation is helpful for us to release your booked appointment to other patients needing prompt treatment with their doctors. To reschedule, please cancel your first appointment and make a new appointment.
  • If you find any difficulties making an online appointment, we appreciate your patience in arranging an alternative appointment over the phone.
  • To cancel, please go to CANCEL APPOINTMENT.

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