Telephone calls to your doctor
Your doctor may not always be available to take your call on the spot, but will be happy to return your call. If the matter is urgent, please inform the receptionist.

The doctors at Montrose Medical Practice collect blood and other pathology specimen for testing through Douglas Hanly Moir Pathology.

Test Results
It is preferred that patients return to discuss test results with the doctor face to face to protect patient confidentiality and to ensure that the results are explained properly.

If at any time you have a feedback or feel that we could improve our service, it can be made anonymously to the practice by using the patient feedback box located at reception.

We take your privacy seriously. It is our policy to ensure your confidentiality is safeguarded according to the National Privacy Act. Please see our full Patient Privacy Notice.

Health Care Complaints
If you find it is difficult to resolve the problem at practice with our staff and would like to send an anonymous complaints, you may send it to the Health Care Complaints Commission by post (Locked Mail Bag 18 Straberry Hills NSW 2012) or email to [email protected]

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