General PracticePreventive Health
Our focus is on providing professional and personal care. Some of our services are listed below:

Preventative health
Screening blood tests
Blood pressure check
Seasonal flu immunisation
Smoking cessation advice
Weight management

Children's health
Childhood immunisation
Newborn assessment
Child health check
Adolescent health
Developmental assessment

Women's Health
Family planning
Pregnancy test
Antenatal care
Pap smear
Implanon contraception insertion and removal


Liquid nitrogen therapy
(e.g. for warts and sun spots)
Minor surgery
(e.g. laceration repair and skin lesion excision)
ECG heart test
Spirometry lung function test
Audiometry hearing assessment

Other general practice services
Blood tests and other pathology tests
Travel Medicine / Travel Vaccinations 
Sports medicine
Men's health

Consultations for which Medicare rebate is not applicable
Worker's compensation
Commercial driver's medical
Pre-employment medical
Insurance medical

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